Sunday, August 09, 2009

Taking our ball and going home

You know those ridiculous home security ads where the "intruder" always seems to look like Kirk Cameron instead of, you know, people who look like crooks? Well, even those make more sense than what just happened this week to the Red Sox.

I'm holding up surprisingly well in the face of the beatdown, a four-game sweep of the Sox to the Dang Yanks this weekend.

Sure, they didn't score for 30 innings, sure, they blew an actual lead Sunday night, sure, the most beloved player on the team is a big fat liar, sure, they had to drop a future Hall of Fame pitcher for amazing suckitude, but it's only August 9th, and before losing six straight to Tampa and New York they beat up Baltimore.

So bring on the weaker opponents, go back to Fenway and hopefully by October 1st the Sox will have figured out how to be decent teams.

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Cyndi said...

:D well I am thrilled...