Thursday, July 09, 2009

Russian folk dancing not a good fit for a popper

At 4:05 a.m. & 6 seconds yesterday, the time & date was 04:05:06, 07/08/09.

Which reminds me of the time I was walking to the bus stop on October 9, 1987, looking down at my watch to mark the time at 6:54 a.m. and 32 seconds on 10/9/87.

Oh how I love such useless information. Which brings me to the top 12 of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

The first thing I noticed: Mary's hair flowing over that ruffling shirt made her look like the MGM lion.

The six guys and six gals had two dances on Wednesday, some nailing both, some getting mixed reviews. In the end Val and I could only come up with two couples who should be safe and four who should have some measure of concern.

MELISSA & ADE - This has to be the most surprising couple to be such a fan favorite and be so perfect together, between his strength and her ballet lines. Their disco looked great, both hitting all the recognizable disco poses. Next time around, their waltz was elegant as expected after they made a classical ballet look easy last week.

KAYLA & KUPONO - They opened with a Mia Michaels contemporary routine, and I "got it" this time. She was desperate in her fight, he was so strong and calm in his malevolence, it was a powerful piece. Surprisingly, the judges praise them, yet they don't spend five minutes genuflecting to Mia. They will pay for their crime! Their second dance was a Broadway number, and less successful. It was just fine in technique and entertainment, but the judges point out that there was nothing to feel. Guest judge Tice says not to fault the choreography, then does just that in pointing out that the dancers didn't "use the space" or get down on the floor.

CAITLIN & JASON - Started with a foxtrot that was classy, though Val noted a lack of content, and finished with a lyrical jazz routine by Mandi Moore that was quite lyrical, indeed, and romantic, and as Mary said, effortless in the lifts and intertwined movement. The judges are full of "howevers," which may put them in the bottom three.

JEANINE & PHILLIP - Oh dear. I take back all of the conspiracy theories about Phillip getting hip-hop every week to keep him around. This week the show threw him face first into a Russian folk dance, and then a jive. The second one went pretty well. The first? Oh my. Last year when Joshua and Twitch did a Russian dance it nearly killed them, it was so full of content. Obviously the choreographer was worried about that, because much of this one was slowed down to the hokey pokey folksy, and that was actually the awkward stuff. The judges wince and don't criticize either dancer, instead Nigel says that the show should be faulted for making them try it in the first place. Still, I'm betting that most of the others could have pulled it off, like Melissa and Ade or Janette and Brandon, for instance. In the jive, Mary puts her - not him - on the Hot Tamale Train, even though Jeanine reminds me of the big sister in "Dirty Dancing."

RANDI & EVAN - Not a great week for my favorite couple. Their opening hip-hop wasn't too bad, and thankfully wasn't anything ghetto. He really shouldn't have tried any lifts, because few looked comfortable. Second time up they had to do a samba, and even though it kind of made me want to shake my hips, Evan was not doing so with his own. Nigel notes a lack of hotness, and they seemed kind of restrained, although Mary credited Randi with more than we thought she deserved with a ticket on the Hot Tamale Train.

JANETTE & BRANDON - I feel bad that we kind of forgot about them during the show, and yet they had two of the best dances of the night. Well, so say the judges, at least, because their Argentine Tango received a standing ovation from them. I don't get that dance. Lots of flicks and lifts, but not exciting. Mary awards them front row seats on the Hot Tamale Train, and I'm starting to wonder if she's off the tracks tonight. Second time around they do a Wade jazz routine, and it's a great way to end the night. A little weird, yet cool, spirited, Val says it's "kooky" in a good way, reminding her of something from the early 60s, an Austin Powers or Batman kind of style. That works for me as an explanation as any other!

Who should be safe: Melissa/Ade and Janette/Brandon. All others? None are safe. Who would I not miss if they exited? Jeanine, Phillip or Kupono, maybe Caitlin.


Stephanie said...

My favorite dance of the season, and top 3 of all time, was the Kupono/Kayla routine tonight. Breathtaking and wonderfully acted and danced!

I was happy with the decision to send Phillip and Caitlin home (especially Caitlin). About the tour and rigging it to get Phillip on there, Stacy and I have gone to the tour for the past 2 years and they brought #11 and #12 both years. I remember Hauk especially. They don't do solos but they participate. Although they may have Phillip perform a solo somehow this year.

I agree that Melissa and Ade were a nice surprise. I don't remember them from auditions except the "naughty ballerina" comment but they are wonderful together.

Jeff said...

Oh I'm sure they'll have Phillip perform a solo, because that's what he's best at, so he might as well do that and then blend in with the group numbers.

I mean, it's not like I should care if he's on the tour, it's not like I wouldn't mind if they brought the entire top 20.