Friday, July 17, 2009

Jeff's Top 5: Adolescent Posters

The top 5 posters or pre-teen magazine covers taped to my walls, circa 1988 (12 going on 13):

1. Debbie Gibson - In the battle of Debbie versus that hussy tart Tiffany, ya gotta go with "I Get Lost In Your Eyes."

2. Kathy Ireland - Anytime she was in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue made me feel prepubescently awkward.

3. Poison - I make no apologies for this. They rocked and the Monster Ballads era of hairband rock was gold!

4. Elisabeth Shue - She was so out of Danielsan's league in The Karate Kid.

5. Def Leppard - My first concert, the first time I realized that rockers get all the chicks, because those guys? Not attractive. I, of course, couldn't even master the recorder, hence my unsuccessful reign as Mayor of Geekville until I got married at age 31.

Honorable Mention: Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar) of "The Wonder Years" and Samantha (Alyssa Milano), "Who's the Boss" - Both highly successful on the all-important pre-teen male Babeocity Index.

INXS - Their video for "Meditate" with the cue cards was one of the most memorable of the 80s. Hey, everything rhymes with "ate!"


Scott Rushing said...

Kathy Ireland was easily the top swimsuit model of our youth. Honorable Mention goes to Paulina Porizkova.

amy said...

No NKOTB or Kirk Cameron? Oh wait that was my room. I had Def Leppard, I only had it on my wall to make me feel cool

Jeff said...

Trust me, there was plenty of NKOTB going on the walls of my sisters' room next door!