Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Why doesn't my phone dial the interwebby thing?"

- FROM THE "IF IT HAPPENED TO BUSH OR QUAYLE" FILES: VP Joe Biden, in an interview about the stimulus package last month and trying to remember the Obamadministration's chief online resource, asked an aide off camera for the "Web site number?" You know, like www.555-GAFFE.com.

- REMEMBER WHEN WE WERE IN A "CATASTROPHE?" UM, NEVER MIND? The Obamessiah has decided that the economy isn't so bad, so buck up, America! When Dems are running for office and then elected to power we always hear that the politics are over and it's time to be real. They are a bunch of big fat liars. Really, this is rich (no pun intended):
The economy is fundamentally sound despite the temporary "mess" it's in, the White House said Sunday in the kind of upbeat assessment that Barack Obama had mocked as a presidential candidate.

Obama's Democratic allies pleaded for patience with an administration hitting the two-month mark this week, while Republicans said the White House's plans ignore small business and the immediate need to fix what ails the economy. After weeks projecting a dismal outlook on the economy, administration officials -- led by the president himself in recent days -- swung their rhetoric toward optimism in what became Wall Street's best stretch since November.

During the fall campaign, Obama relentlessly criticized his Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain, for declaring, "The fundamentals of our economy are strong." Obama's team painted the veteran senator as out of touch and failing to grasp the challenges facing the country.

But on Sunday, that optimistic message came from economic adviser Christina Romer. When asked during an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" if the fundamentals of the economy were sound, she replied: "Of course they are sound."

"The fundamentals are sound in the sense that the American workers are sound, we have a good capital stock, we have good technology," she said. "We know that -- that temporarily we're in a mess, right? We've seen huge job loss, we've seen very large falls in GDP. So certainly in the short run we're in a -- in a bad situation."

Just a week ago, White House Office of Management and Budget director Peter Orszag declared that "fundamentally, the economy is weak." Days later, Obama told reporters he was confident in the economy.

WHAT LIBERAL MEDIA - CNN International’s Jonathan Mann labeled Rush Limbaugh the “anti-Obama” in a CNN.com article, and condescendingly listed the reasons why the talk show host is the antithesis of the president: “Rush Limbaugh isn’t black, slim, stylish or well schooled.” He later described why Democrats are so eager to portray Limbaugh as the leader of the Republican Party: “They think that Limbaugh, 58, is the very personification of an ugly Republican stereotype: he’s a small-town college drop-out, an angry white man, who they believe offends the ethnic, urban and educated Americans the Democrats want to attract.” (Courtesy Newsbusters.)

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