Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well that was a bummer

Memphis' own Alexis got the boot last night on IDOL, and that's just depressing. Don't get me wrong, I like being right in that I've been saying all along that she wouldn't last but a few weeks due a lack of a fan base, but still, she could sing really well and she's local. But she lacked a strong personality, didn't smile enough and looked overwhelmed by the big stage most of the time.
We knew the judges wouldn't use their one "save" on her, either, not with five weeks left to make sure Danny or Lil aren't in the bottom. Next week I'll be sure to be extra bitter as we have to watch Megan, Michael, Scott, Kris and Anoop sing, all of whom were nowhere near Alexis in ability. Time to bring on the snark!
Did you hear Ryan say that the show is on Wednesday and Thursday next week so that the Obamessiah can take some more airtime next Tuesday? What the heck? Is the president going to invade our prime time every few weeks for the next four years? Does anyone really care if he's taking questions or making statement at 7 p.m. versus 10 a.m.? When will the networks get some cajones and start saying, "No thanks"? Stop taking off my shows, Barack!
Meanwhile, on LOST, Jack shows up out of the blue on the island after Sawyer's been waiting for three years and infiltrating Dharma, and he starts criticizing Sawyer? Up yours, doc. Jerk. I like Sawyer being in charge and Jack being a lackey who has to take orders and shut the heck up. And so help me, if you mess with Sawyer and Juliet's relationship, you will be dead to me. You hear me? Same goes for you, Freckles! So why is Sun the only one who stayed in present time? Except for the resurrected Locke, of course. Good call on the paddle to Ben's head, though, and bringing Frank along instead. And has anyone seen Rose and Bernard and the rest of the unnamed Lostaways? Where are they? WHEN are they?
In unrelated news ....
Go Tigers Go!


erin said...

I was bummed about Alexis leaving. She wasn't my favorite, but she definitely had more talent than some of the other contestants.

Stephen was thinking that it would have been difficult for the judges to save her b/c then the top 10 for the tour would be a top 11 or a top 9, depending on how they did it (since 2 people have to go home the week after a save). And it really is just too early for them to use their one and only save.

LOST was good last night. I like Sawyer as a leader as well, and Jack needs to grow a pair and shut up. I'm wondering what will happen with Sayid being a Dharma prisoner; the previews made it look like a big showdown is coming. And then the purge has to be soon, too.

I wonder also why Sun isn't in the past with the others. It doesn't make sense to me why she wouldn't be, unless she somehow has made the island angry and so it's trying to keep her from Jin.

Jeff said...

I think the producers would have figured something out, but it does stink for Alexis that she's out of the tour. I just wish she'd smiled more and played with the judges!

When we saw Ben last night we tried to figure out the timeline and couldn't do it. Wouldn't Ben now remember Sayid? And the rest of the gang? So many paradoxes.

Scott said...

1. I think Rose and Bernard are with the Others in present time. I have nothing to go by here except that she was healed by the island, and that might curry some favor with Alpert.

2. How do we know that Ben didn't recognize Sayid or the other Oceanic survivors? He's such a good liar, he may have known ahead of time what was to come. Also, that was incredibly good foreknowledge on his part to build a runway (beginning of season 3) just in time for Lapidis to need it. I think there is a lot left to explain about Ben and time.

Jeff said...

Scott, someone on Erin's blog talked about the theory that Rose and Bernard are the "Adam and Eve" bones found in the cave in season one. Others have suggested it's Penny and Desmond, so I wonder when it will be revealed.

I wondered who built the runway, too. Although since this was the "support island" it may have been Dharma to transport goods that were then shipped over.