Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tigers kicking serious CUSA booty

Go Tigers Go!
Here we go again! Expectations are high for the next few weeks as the Bluff City's finest, our Memphis Tigers, won their fourth straight Conference USA title today, their 61st straight win in the conference, set an NCAA record for wins in a four-year period with 135 (two more than Duke in from '91 to '01) and Coach Calipari is the first coach to win 30 games for four straight seasons.  
And yet, despite Pittsburgh and UConn losing in the quarterfinals of the Big East tournament and Oklahoma in the Big 12 tournament on Thursday, despite North Carolina and Michigan State losing in the semifinals of the ACC and Big Ten tournaments Saturday, I still have this nagging feeling that the Tigers are going to end up as a No. 2 seed, and then shipped out west to play in what will end up being the toughest region in the bracket.
Even after they were up nine with two minutes to go in the NCAA Championship against Kansas a year ago, beat UCLA, Texas and Michigan State handily, and are on a 25-game win streak heading into this year's tournament, the basketball world still sees the Tigers as an intruder and unserious contender. I know, it's easy to play the "we get no respect" card, but in this case I think it's warranted. The establishment isn't looking for a non-BCS school to play with the big boys.


Scott said...

What is unfortunate is that the Tigers want to get out of Conference USA and play with the "big boys". It's got to be terribly frustrating for them to listen to this, when they are stuck and can't move up.

What else can Memphis do, but sweep the conference? I don't think anyone denies that they try and schedule as tough a nonconference schedule as possible.

Listening to the pundits late last night on espn, they are split on whether the Tigers get a 1 seed.

Jeff said...

The Tigers would love to join the Big East, but until that happens, they can only rip through CUSA and hope that the other teams in the conference get seen as better. I think teams like Tulsa and UAB are better than a few of the Big Ten teams that made the NCAA tournament already.