Thursday, March 19, 2009

Okay, so I was nervous

I admit I got a little worried that the Tigers would throw away their first-round matchup against Cal State-Northridge, but not until 10 minutes left and the Matadors in the lead, draining long arching three-pointers and making wild displays of acrobatic layups, which was most impressive. If you've seen any Memphis game this year, you know to wait until "the run," in which Coach Cal's guys have a stretch where they outscore their opponent 10-0 in five minutes and put it away. That didn't happen until the final five minutes today, hence the anxiety. March Madness is fun, but not if you're a fan of the two seed getting upset in the opener! If they lose any of their next three games, you can be sure that I'll refer to this season as The Curse of Obama, for the pres. picking the Tigers to make the Final Four.

Looking at my March Madness Challenge, it would appear that the contest could be very close in the end since many of the Final Four picks are exactly the same. Will someone's risk pay off? Or will you have to win it in the Sweet 16 or pick the right upsets? Although, the seven of you who picked Memphis to win it all must have been sweating profusely and ready to flush your bracket down the toilet!

Me (Jeff's Tiger Blue) - Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma (Louisville)
Val (The Bean's Picks) - Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, North Carolina (Memphis)
Steve (Tarheels & Tigers) - Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, North Carolina (North Carolina)
Randy B. - Rider's Winners - Louisville, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma (Pittsburgh)
Syd (It's CaliPERR-EE) - Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, North Carolina (Memphis)
Karen P. (Velvit) - Kansas, Memphis, Duke, Oklahoma (Oklahoma)
Jenn R. (RoarRRR!) - Wake Forest, Memphis, Duke, North Carolina (Memphis)
Carol H. (Carol's Picks) - Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, North Carolina (Memphis)
Cheryl - Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma (Memphis)
Jonathan (Longhorns0465) - Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, North Carolina (North Carolina)
Erin M. (Bracket Buster) - Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Gonzaga (Memphis)
Stephen M. (Bracketastic) - Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Gonzaga (Louisville)
Rann R. (redsox0407) - Louisville, Memphis, Duke, North Carolina (North Carolina)
Jorge (Struggling From Day 1) - Louisville, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Syracuse (Pittsburgh)
Kevin H. (Bubba Keg 52) - Wake Forest, Memphis, Villanova, North Carolina (Wake Forest)
Scott R. (Bruins Commodores Bears oh my!) - Michigan State, Missouri, Villanova, Syracuse (Villanova)
Cody B. (Belewspickstothetop) - Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, North Carolina (Memphis)


erin said...

Stephen and I were eating at Moe's for lunch, and when I saw the score was 36-35 at one point, I was really worried b/c if Memphis got eliminated in the first round, my bracket was toast. I'm so glad they came through. I will say that my pick of Memphis to win it all was mostly sentimental, so it will be fun to see how it all turns out.

By the way, Stephen and I did not discuss our picks until we'd both filled out our brackets, so I think it's crazy that our final four is identical!

Karen said...

Would this be a good time to mention that I haven't watched a single game all year, and I just randomly picked teams? Things have been beyond hectic here, and I missed the entire season, where are my Gators? Oh, well, I love the March Madness and didn't want to miss out:D

Jeff said...

Karen, I bet you could pick teams solely based on the uniform colors you like best, and still perform ably!

Erin, I'm glad you mentioned that, because I thought that was hilarious that you and Stephen were the only two who had Gonzaga, and you did it independently! And that's why y'all are perfect for one another, lol.

Scott said...

My Final Four is truly unique. No one else picked Michigan ST., Missouri, or Villanova. And only Jorge picked Syracuse.

I'm either a genius or an idiot.

Rann said...

jeff, it is Jonathan's selection, not Natalie's.

Valtool said...

Had to pass on it this year for a couple of reasons including the facts I never saw the brackets, I have no idea who is good/not good as i don't watch basketball, and well. I'm in China dealing with a baby at the moment!

All that aside, Go Memphis!

Jeff said...

Thanks Dad. I made the change.

Scott, in other brackets I did get more creative, such as having Villanova, Syracuse, and even Washington in one. But for some reason my own challenge I went chalk for the most part. I'm a wus!

Jeff said...

Don't worry, Michael, I completely understand you and Amy's absence!