Saturday, March 21, 2009

First round in the books

The first round of the this year's NCAA Tourney didn't get truly exciting until the final few games last night, which is also when the most drama emerged from my March Madness Challenge. When Wake Forest lost to 13 seed Cleveland State, most of us lost at least a Sweet 16 team, but Kevin lost his national champion and Jenny lost a final four pick, so their chances of winning slid faster than the Goonies down the water slide to One-Eyed Willie's ship.

What else matters? Most of us had West Virginia going to the Sweet 16, and some like me had them in the Elite 8, so those picking Kansas in the second round will gain some points. Half had Florida State beating Xavier in the next round, so those with Xavier should be okay with Wisconsin winning. The biggest difference to look for today? Purdue vs. Washington.

1. Steve (Tarheels & Tigers) - 25
Jorge (Struggling From Day 1) - 25
Karen P. (Velvit) - 25
Jenn R. (RoarRRR!) - 25
5. Erin M. (Bracket Buster) - 24
Rann R. (redsox0407) - 24
Cody B. (Belewspickstothetop) - 24
Sydney (It's CaliPERR-EE) - 24
9. Val (The Bean's Picks) - 23
Cheryl B. - 23
Scott R. (Bruins Commodores Bears oh my!) - 23
Carol H. (Carol's Picks) - 23
13. Randy B. (Rider's Winners) - 22
Jonathan (Longhorns0465) - 22
15. Me (Jeff's Tiger Blue) - 21
16. Stephen M. (Bracketastic) - 19
17. Kevin H. (Bubba Keg 52) - 18

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