Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World Series Game One, Take One

My work email is back! Time for a running blog. I'll post at the top of the hour, every hour, given the chance.
7:24 - Red Sox! Rockies! The World Series! It's Rocktober! Um, Actober?
I am a bit worried. About the weather, I mean, not the game. (I think the Sox will win the Series in five. Those Rockies pitchers aren't ready for AL hitting, and Beckett is almost a guaranteed two wins.)
Weather guy Ed tells me that they're expecting showers in Boston by 9. My nightmare is that a two-hour rain delay by the third inning wastes a Beckett start. Should Francona start Jon Lester instead, just in case? Okay, maybe not. But we will see Lester in game four, since veteran Tim Wakefield was left off the roster due to shoulder pain. Not that I was looking forward to seeing his knuckleball flutter in the high altitude of Denver.
Like I said last night, I'm not delusional; I'm well aware that the vast majority of the country is rooting either for the Rockies or against the Sox. We're the Dark Side, the Fratellis, LIberty Valance, the Decepticons, the support person at Comcast. They're tired of hearing about quirky Fenway Park and see us as a free-spending juggernaut with obnoxious fans. Yeah, pretty much, but I still like to think of the Sox as an underdog, weird as it sounds. There's a lot of young talent, and only eight of the players on the team were here in 2004, including Wakefield.
Is the five-hour pregame finally over? Alright, then, let's get it on!


steven.russell said...

I am also live blogging over on my site. Just for practice. Would love the comments if ya'll were so inclined.

Beckett looks good. Real good.

Scott said...

Pedrouia...He may be 5'2" and 115 lbs., but the guy is money.

3 strikeouts in the top of the 9th...and then a home run and a double. Unbelievable. This game could turn into a rout fast.

Scott said...

top of the 9th??? top of the 1st!!!

Anonymous said...


steven.russell said...

I guess this means I have to wear these red socks I have on for every game now.

steven.russell said...

This is gonna be fun!!!!!

steven.russell said...

Is it over yet?