Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tuesday tidbits

After all the hullabaloo surrounding getting Val's car fixed, it turns out yesterday's Check Engine light was nothing but improper sealing of the gas cap, which was an AutoZone replacement when the original cracked a few years back. And we're not sure if it's related to the stalls a month ago. Great. It only cost $110 to find out nothing extra.

Now on to some television ...

Dancing With the Stars

Helio and Julianne continue to charm us, even when smacking each other in the face during practice. They're both so cute and lovable, you want to pinch their cheeks.

I'm possibly conflicted. I think I like Jennie Garth a lot. I didn't in "90210," though. It's like rooting for her is like when she had to pick between Dylan and Brandon.

I can't help but root for Albert, even though he's far too pretty and normally I'd want him to twist his ankle in the Foxtrot. The way he and his partner play around though, and that video from his grandmother about his recently passed grandfather, however, and I'm butter.

Sabrina: Too good, too soon. Doomed to lose in the final three.

Floyd looks like he's thinking too much during the dance: "Dothis. Dothis. Nowdothis. Lookhappy. Don'ttouchthere. Dothis. Aremyfeetbouncy? Dothis. Andfinish!"

Wayne Newton has to go this week, right? There's no other choice, is there? Even Mark Cuban and his billions should get another week. Either way, we're not talking about guys who won't have piles of money to cry into afterwards.


As I felt much of last season, doesn't it seem that Hiro is the only one having fun? It was obvious that he would take on the Kensei persona, but the way he went about it with the vanishing swords and bows, and wooing the swordsman's daughter, was adorable. Though having drunken Englishman Kensei be an actual hero was a surprise at the end.

The Hispanic death chick has become this year's Nikki - annoying and seemingly useless until I'm sure the last episodes of the season. Speaking of, where'd Nikki go?

Can we request that Claire not cut off any more of her own body parts?

No idea what to make of the Peter story. Can we move it along?


Scott said...

I second the Claire request.

JorgeR said...

ok, playoffs start this week, & your still talking "dancing"....Gonna need your man-card...

Rann said...

Jorge.. we are in agreement on this. I watched the MNF game last night in Portugese. Same with
sunday night game. I also surfed thru 1,258 soccer games Sunday. Not that Brazil is hooked on soccer or anything.

Scott said...


Sorry to see you didn't get to watch that Rockies/Padres game. A classic for the ages.

Jeff said...

Yep, that Rockies-Padres game was amazing, very dramatic.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Amazing, Dramatic, and very long.

Phillies start tomorrow at 3pm, I'm off at 4:30 and heading straight home and will get to watch the game before trivia ends.

Anyone watching Chuck on NBC?
They made a reference to Lost (which is on ABC) last night.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Okay, so I'm caught up on Heros. It's kinda cool that we have Peter back. My brother pointed out that Sylar is back too (as seen in the preview for next week). So what do we make of British Kensei having healing power in 1671?