Sunday, September 16, 2007

Are they still on?

Thoughts while waiting for the Emmys to finish so we can run a late newscast and get the heck out of here:

Wicked awesome weekend.

Friday night, Val and I drove down to Tunica for the night, not necessarily to gamble but to shop. Let's go through the checklist:

- Shop at outlet mall across the street from the casino drive. Spend so much there the prospect of gambling seems safe. Check.

- Jacuzzi suite at the Sheraton. Check.

- Blow $40 in ten minutes. Give up, curse Pat and Vanna on Wheel of Fortune game. Check.

- Invade buffet. Eat too much. Mix strange foods on multiple plates. Check.

- Watch on ESPN in horror as Red Sox choke big time against the dang Yanks. Check.

- Call room service. Don't have desserts listed on menu. Settle for inferior option and burger. Check.

- Stomach hurts all night. Check.

- Stay up too late, sleep well, enjoy room service breakfast. Check.

And today's been an even better day. The Red Sox whipped the Yanks yesterday, the weather was perfect, getting us in the mood for Autumn, 70 degrees, breezy, sunny, and even cold in the shade. It brought forth memories from my perfect childhood, and why I love the fall above all other seasons, remembering playing soccer in the mornings, golf in the afternoon or watching a ballgame, going to a Memphis game at night with Dad.

Speaking of being at work (where I missed Val's cousin Phoebe's wedding yesterday, alas), I've had to watch a lot of "COPS," and let me tell you the main lesson I've learned: When the officer asks, "Can I search your vehicle," that person is going to jail.

And for now, I'm going to do some work *cough*watchRedSoxgame*cough* and wait for this stupid awards show to give "The Sopranos" everything.

UPDATE 8:44 p.m. Monday - I'm still upset/flabbergasted/unsurprised that the Emmys made up a category to give Algore a fake award just so he would show up, they'd look hip and politically correct and Hollywood could kiss his a**. Does anyone even have that Current TV network on their cable system? At least not part of the fourth tier? It's the equivalent of giving a Pulitzer to a book that six people read - four given to them free and they only skimmed the synopsis on the back cover - and isn't available on


amy said...

another Tunica trip? Seriously I am jealous..Glad you had a good time though. We cant wait to make a trip out of it.I chose Extreme Makeover over the Emmys

erin said...

Gee, maybe you guys should just move to Tunica. :) I thought I was DVR-ing the Emmys so I could just fast-forward to all the good parts, but turns out there are "two" Fox stations in Jackson, and I of course was recording the one that airs dead time. Excellent.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Geez, and I thought Jackson only existed to provide a gas'n'go between Memphis and Nashville yet you have TWICE the American Idol viewing power of a big city like Atlanta!

UCF vs. Memphis in 5 days. Did you see how we handled Texas?!?!? This may not be the 4-8 year I predicted.

Did you see how the Phillies handled the Mets?!?!?! Two sweeps in a month! 3.5 games out of first in the NL East!

Jeff said...

Har, har. We only make one Tunica trip per month. Where else do you suggest, the fabulous resort city of Jonesboro, Arkansas?!

Michael, one of the benefits of being in Jackson for college was that we got both Memphis and Nashville stations. That meant if we missed the 1p Days of Our Lives from Memphis, we could catch the 2p showing from Nashville.

Um, I mean, crap, OK, fine, we watched the soap religiously!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Nice how you avoided the topic of Memphis on the road this weekend Jeff. :)

BTW - noticed the Phillies have 13 games left, including 3 this week against St. Louis (sorry Val), 7 more against the Nationals and 3 more against the Braves. The Mets have games all against Florida, St. Louis, and Washington.

It's gonna be an interesting 2 weeks especially as it's the Mets' division to lose. The Phil's have a harder stretch.

Jeff said...

I'm still enjoying Memphis beating a 1-AA team last weekend, I'll worry about UCF in five days!

I would rather see the Phillies than the Mets in the playoffs, though I'd just assume they both lose in the first round!

The Chipped Mug said...

What is up with Tunica? I mean seriously....sounds like a Just kidding, glad you guys had a good time. check out the blog for a boring update. ;)

Jeff said...

Will, you and Sara are welcome to join us anytime! Party! (And we don't even drink, and don't even really gamble all that much!)