Friday, August 17, 2007

Eric Gagme

New Red Sox rule: Gagne's not allowed to pitch with the lead until we've clinched the division and he has time to work out his mental issues of pitching with a contender.

This is just awful. Another blown lead by the guy who a few years ago set the record for most consecutive successful saves. And now, he can't go from easy-breezy Texas to a pressure cooker like Boston without folding like one of Michael Vick's co-defendants.

Thankfully I missed the choke. Val and I went up to Jackson for the evening to enjoy dinner with the gang and go to a Diamond Jaxx game. It was hot, but at least there were crappy fireworks afterwards, am I right?


Rann said...

And who, when it was announced that we had signed Gagme and traded away Gabbard, said it was a bad deal????? Your DAD, by any chance????? I do hope I end up eating my words, but so far, he stinks!

Jeff said...

What can I say? Father knows best.