Saturday, August 25, 2007

Catching up with Valfrey

If it's August on the Internet, it must be slower than Rosie O'Donnell eating a vegetable. Few emails, few blogs, fewer comments. Not that I'm blameless, of course. With my work schedule and lack of Internet at work, I rarely get to check others' sites as much as I used to, and find it very difficult to find time to blog. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Will that all change when we when the $300 million Powerball tonight? Or will I blow it all on baseball cards and "COPS" DVDs? Time will tell. If I brag about my collection of Tim Naehring and Scott Fletcher Red Sox rookie cards, you'll know.

So what's new? Nada. Val and I are still house hunting, and aside from my manager getting "suspended," a.k.a. impendingly canned, the job's the same. Val did cut back to part time so that she only has to work at the Bartlett campus. The Lamar campus was driving her batty, and I surely don't mind not having to worry about her driving out there two or three times a week.

Let's just say I was only a week away from fitting her car with a flamethrower and missiles. Not that she was truly in danger from anyone other than "ladies of the night," but every time I'd tell a Memphian she worked on Lamar, they'd go, "Ooh, wow, yeah, good luck with that."

The past three weeks we've finally gotten out of bed on Sunday mornings and started going to church. In fact, we've been attending First Baptist Millington, a.k.a. "Where Valfrey Got Hitched." Aside from our ceremony, I had never actually been to a service there. I like it. Bro. Ray has fire to his sermons. I'm surprised he hasn't busted a blood vessel in his forehead by now. Not that's he's condemning unbelievers with brimstone; he's more prone to criticizing believers who don't practice what they learn Sunday mornings. Like, um, me.

Did I mention we stayed in Tunica last night?

We weren't alone, at least. We bought tickets for the Meat Loaf concert at Grand Casino for my father-in-law, who went with sis-in-law, Cheryl and her hubby, Randy. Val and I just kind of tagged along. Because, uh, we wouldn't normally go on our own. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

They went to rock, we went to lose hard-earned dough. Val and I didn't bring as much to gamble as usual, and hit some good pots along the way but came out under as always. At least I hit twice on my lucky number 17 at the roulette table at Bally's this morning, so that kept me in the game for a while. Val doesn't enjoy seeing our money flushed down the drain as much, so she did a lot of watching me do so. We stayed at Fitzgerald's, which doesn't have jacuzzi suites that we're used to, yet we managed a good night's sleep anyhow. I know, we're so spoiled.

As summer begins to wind down even as it stays over 90 degrees until October, I'll try to be a better blog steward. And try to visit others' blogs more often. Or at least I'll continue to make snippy comments about you and wail about the first-place Red Sox. It's a guarantee I can confidently post!


amy said...

Ok, you to Tunica? Im so jealous... Glad you guys are doing well. Off to read the post below..LOve the title

Scott said...

I'm disappointed to read that you didn't also attend the Meat Loaf concert.

{begin singing}

And I would do anything for love...but I won't do, no, I won't do that!

{end singing}

Maybe he would have told you during the concert what it was he wouldn't do!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I like Meatloaf. I think I saw him perform about 4 times through the 90's in Florida, including a show at the outdoor stage of Disney's Pleasure Island. I would have never expected to see Meatloaf playing on Disney property, but it was a good show, just before Bat out of Hell II was released.

He's playing Atlanta on Labor Day, but I no longer have a desire to see hiim live. After his performance with the former future Mrs. Jeff Rushing on the American Idol fianle in 2006, I could tell he's getting pretty ragged.

Rann said...

Meatloaf is getting pretty ragged? Where have you been the last 30 years?? didn't you see The Rocky Horror Picture Show? that was 1975 and he was already ragged.

That said, I still love his singing of Whatever happened to Saturday Night.