Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yeah, we're back

Hey folks! We did in fact return Sunday from Chickasaw State Park and our vacation, but I've had to work Sunday, Monday and this evening, so I'm still mostly without internet access. I only had a few minutes to reply to comments last night before crashing at midnight while trying to program the DVR to record the World Series of Pop Culture on VH1.
The main event was Friday afternoon, Val's cousin Rachel's wedding to her beau, Brandon. Her dad, Alan, asked if I would videotape the wedding, which I was very happy to do, at the church and again tape the important parts of the reception at Sagamore Lodge at the park.
My mom-in-law was in charge of the decorating and food, as usual with friends and family members who want a personal touch without spending a fortune, since she only charges food, and she has her own supplies. For us, that means that the rest of us are her helpers, cleaning up, packing the supplies and putting up tables and chairs after everyone else leaves. That's hard work! But totally worth it, and a fun bonding experience. Still, I was more sore from that than any of the swimming or walking around the park during the week.
Okay, so we didn't exactly do a lot of exercise. At the lake we floated around most of the time, playing with Cody and his buds, Cody W. and Kevin, who could start a wrestling match just fighting on a raft, or over a football, all in the hopes of impressing any hot teenage girls who happen by. I miss being a teenager.
They also arranged a practical joke on us, sandbagging a poker match to hide in our cabin until we walked in, where they (including cousin Stacy) jumped out, yelled, fired cap guns and got yelled at by Val, who was more ticked that they left our cabin unlocked after taking our key to presumably get ice cream during the poker match. Still wondering why Kevin felt the need to turn the power off to the cabin, when all they had to do was turn out all the lights. It's not like I had a remote control to turn the lights on while outside. I fought the urge to retaliate by removing Kevin's tires during the night. Alan got them for us, it turns out, by putting on one of those "Celebrate Diversity" bumper stickers with a rainbow to denote homosexuality, and the boys didn't notice until they got home. Thanks, Alan!
Otherwise, we played lots of poker until well past midnight, watched movies, ate a lot of good food and slept in. Good times. Hopefully I'll have pictures by the weekend, since tomorrow and Thursday are my off days this week.


amy said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to pics! Hows Vals job?

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

BTW - as such a fan of poker as you seem to be, bring the Mrs. because there's a home game starting this Saturday at 7pm eastern time at a hous ein Kennesaw you guys know.

Jeff said...

Wish we could, but we'll actually be in Florence, Alabama, with her Jackson friends until early afternoon when we have to skedaddle back to Memphis so I can work. Boo.

Amy, she's still getting into a rhythm, but I do know that she's not a fan of having to go to the office in Memphis. We really wish she could work either full or part time only in Bartlett.