Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rocket who?

Roger Clemens has been dead to me for several years already, so I don't know why my first instinct is to throw something heavy at the TV whenever he's on, especially Sunday when ESPN was wall-to-wall with his announcement that he's returning to the dang Yanks.

If you didn't know before, I think we're all in agreement that he's a hired gun out for money, right? All that crap about being close to family in Houston, wanting to win rings was no more true than the women on The Bachelor telling Andy that they're in it for "the right reasons" other than furthering their actress careers.

One of the positives, from The Sports Guy: "There's finally a villain on the 2007 Yankees. Just like the good old days. I was tired of talking myself into despising A-Rod and Posada."

Substitute Jeter for A-Rod and I'm in agreement. A-Fraud is still just that, and I have no problem making him my enemy.

Truthfully, last month's series were highly satisfying with the Sox winning five-of-six, but there wasn't anything burning underneath to make the series much different than a slate against Seattle. Now we have focus. Now we have fire. Now we have a reason to truly high-five every win against the Evil Empire. Bring it on!

p.s. My favorite line from The Sports Guy: "We're coming closer and closer to my dream of Clemens' Hall of Fame plaque featuring a cap with a dollar sign on it. I feel as if that's a genuine possibility at this point."


Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Patience pays off. Ca-ching! But what's the deal with calling it a pro-rated $28 mil contract? Just say, "we're paying him a ton of money for a partial season."

Scott said...

I can't fault a guy for agreeing to pitch for $28 million. Even if it is for the dang Yankees.

I can cheer for him to lose every game though!

Jeff said...

Amen to that, Scott. And Michael, I think that's just for the guy's ginormous ego.

JorgeR said...

So much hatred for A-Rod....Just let it go man, let it go..You'll never be a Jedi with that much hate young Jeffwalker...Also, $28Mil?...Really, if you think about it, its not that much...