Monday, April 23, 2007


Kudos to Steve and his superior Interwebby skills!

UPDATE Friday night - Oops. Apparently those dang Yank lovers at ESPN took Steve's video down from YouTube. If you missed it, it was a quick edit of all four homers in Sunday night's win.


Steven M. Russell said...

The look on Torre's face at the end is so worth it.

It's like he knows they suck.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Funny counterpoint is the article on USA about A-rod and the fact he is on pace to hit 126 HR this season. I'm just glad that Ryan Howard is back in the Phillies line-up and they clobbered Houston so handily last night 11-4. Also watched a lot of the Braves game as it was on TV and saw them getting shelled having a 2-2 tie become a 8-2 deficit, but they rebounded and only lost 8-7.

Steven M. Russell said...

233 views since I posted it yesterday about this time.

I only lay claim to about 25 of those views.

And it is just as fun watching it every time.

Rann said...

I have seen this so many times; but you know what?? I can't see it often enough! Thanks many times over for letting me continue to enjoy this.

BTW, where is Miss Yankee fan???

Scott said...

2004 World Series ring on e-bay!

Go bid! Now! As of right now, its going for only $22,000. Jeff, you have that in your savings account, right?

Jeff said...

The winning bid was $53,877.77.

Who the heck is Cucho Rodriguez? I would have predicted Manny would be the first to hock his ring. If he remembered he had one. Or Doug Mientkiewicz, since he already has the winning ball.