Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pin the tail on the Jeff

  • I don't have much to say about the Don Imus controversy, but I would like to note this: In the Sweet Auburn area of downtown Atlanta, a traditionally black commerce district, there is a stylist shop called Oh, My Nappy Hair.

    I think Imus is an ass, so I won't miss him, but really, his punishment should have been a one month suspension from TV and radio, an apology, a rebuke, and that's it. The coverage and outrage went way too far.

  • I don't think I'd use the phrase "nappy headed hos" to describe the contestants on CMT's "Coyote Ugly," but I wouldn't use the phrase "clean-cut girls next door," either. Ye gads, these women are skanks. I only say this because the woman Val's mom drives to work with every morning was a finalist in Memphis, and lost out to a woman who can only be described as "Yuck."

  • XM might as well rename channel 151 (aka "the one without all the cursing and talk about drugs and sex") the Bill Cosby Channel. During my 40-minute commute each way this is how I stay entertained. I'm guaranteed that nearly every time I turn away from channels 150 and 153 when they get too raunchy, Bill will be on 151 rattling on about his childhood or being a parent, because his children are the kookiest of them all!

  • Here's a phrase I heard two people say at lunch a couple of weekends ago, and hadn't heard in ten years since moving to Atlanta and finally becoming Memphians again: "I stay in ..." As in, how normal folks say, "I live in Frayser."

  • In the Commercial Appeal's weekly NBA wrap, beat writer Marlon W. Morgan writes about the Grizzlies, "Could Terence Kinsey lead the Grizzlies past Boston to escape finishing with the league's worst record?"

    Hush your mouth, Marlon! Here's how that sentence should read: "Holy crap! Could Terence Kinsey lead the Grizzlies past Boston to lose the most draft lottery ping pong balls in the Kevin Durant sweepstakes?"

  • It's not that this season's "24" is repeating the old "the presidency is in flux" plot, it's that they're doing it every other week this season. And yeah, the "Jack pulls a gun on his own teammate to do something independent of his bosses" story isn't exactly a budding rose, either. I've no clue how this season is going to turn out, and I can't imagine it will be that exciting, especially since I care about Audrey as much as I care about the midget and witchy cousin on "The Amazing Race," which means zilch.

  • My wife is watching "American Gladiators" reruns on ESPN Classic. Wicked awesome. The fact that I never knew Joe Theisman was the color guy for the show makes it better, like finding out your favorite action star sings for Seagrams or something (fast-forward to the last 30 seconds of the clip). Is there a site for getting your own Gladiator name? I'm giving myself the name Droopy. Not fierce enough?

    Scott said...

    Well, that was anti-climatic. Looks like we share the same opinion on the Imus controversy.

    Michael - Lover of Amy said...

    I think it was last Tuesday at trivia, (do you remember Trivia on Tuesday at Tijuana Joe's? when you "stayed" in Atlanta) I glanced up and saw what I thought was American Gladiators and I was puzzled, thinking, can this show be back?

    I took a closer look and saw the ESPN Classic logo in the corner of the screen and it made a little more sense. BTW do any of you know that in AG's heyday they even opened an American Gladiator's dinner/show in the tourist basin of Orlando/Kissimmee?

    Rann said...

    I have been having problems logging in to everyone's blog. I had to create a Google account to do so; b/c it would not accept my Blogger password.

    Just an fyi for anyone else having a problem.

    Rann said...

    As for Imus, I would never defend what he said, because he is an idiot; but I defend his right to say it.

    Censorship is much worse than abuses of freedom of speech.

    Now, that said; I would still like to see pressure put on hip-hop music to self police itself; b/c if you are offended by some idiot like Imus, you should really be offended that you can't clean up your own house.

    Rann said...

    I was so pleased to see two prominent, intelligent members of the black community (Jason Whitlock and Carol Swain) in a recent interview state that the only reason that both Jesse Jackson and Al 'the mouth' Sharpton are seen as spokespersons for the black community is b/c they are the ones the media go to in all situations. When the media recognizes they are no longer the voice of the black community and go to other leaders for comment, then Jackson and Sharpton will fade into oblivion, where they belong.

    Michael - Lover of Amy said...

    Rann, nice to hear from you. Blogger got difficult about the sign-in thing a few months back, but I'm glad you punched through.

    HK said...

    If you think the Coyote Ugly girls are skanks, you should see the Search for the Next Pussycat Doll. I can't fathom that girls actually aspire to be like that! They should change the name to the Search for the Next Queen of the Skanks.

    s.lucas said...

    I'm happy with the decision to pull him off of the air based on all of the backlash. I don't agree with censorship but I don't think that's what this is. It was a bunch of decent people speaking out against a man who said something really awful and this was not the first time. Those women who should have received nothing but congratulations and adoration for their achievement but instead had to be humiliated by that man and the dumbasses in the media who focused on it. I saw members of the basketball team interviewed and just once I would have like to have heard the interview begin with "congratulations".

    I agree about the Pussycat dolls - I can't believe they replaced Veronica Mars with THAT?!

    Jeff said...

    Heather, Val's Mom was a Pussycat Dolls show fan, if you can believe it. And yeah, those are skanks in every true meaning of the word.

    Dad, Google owns Blogger now, so I had to create a new password with them, too, when I log in to my own blog to post.

    Michael, alas, I remember trivia Tuesdays. Maybe I need to look for something similar in Memphis!

    Rann said...

    Now that Jorge and I have figured out the whole Google wants to own the world thing, we are BACK!!!