Saturday, April 28, 2007

On location

Friday morning I had my first remote for Fox13, at the Southaven Spring Fest down in Miss'ippi. Another director handled the switching duty, which was fine with me since I quite enjoyed running a camera and getting to walk all around our impromptu set looking for fun bump shots of the fairgrounds. Although, after pointing my camera at the Pronto Pup and Funnel Cake stands for two hours, I was darn hungry and craving some of that fair food goodness!

Crew call was 2 a.m., when we finished packing the vans and truck to drive south.

Management is very proud of the Hummer. Remember, we're part of Fox, so who cares who many miles per gallon that sucker gets!

This just in: I'm a dork.

We got to the park by 3:15 a.m., unloaded all the vehicles and had it set up by 4:30. Hence it still being dark.

The makeshift control room. Isn't that tiny switcher so cute! I just want to take it home and cuddle. ... Perhaps I've said too much.

Engineer guru Dave had a great idea of how to go to the bathroom.

It was so chilly that we couldn't wait for the sun to come up or the cooking segment four hours later, so we fired up the grill and gathered 'round like a bunch of hobos under a bridge. No offense to hobos.

Weather man Leon lets us know through extensive computer models that this early morning looks cloudy.

At the ready for anything exciting.

Though this and the food was about all I was pointing at for an hour.

The sun rises on Good Morning Memphis.

Quite an eclectic crowd began to gather. And I mean the dude in the hat on the left. The Riverkings mascot was invited.

No one told Val that "air quotes" were a fad long gone.

Our entertainment for the morning, a little jazzy funky bluesy band. Okay, I admit, I know nothing of what kind of music it was. There were instruments and some guy singing and backup singers whom I don't even think actually sang. But they looked good doing it.

By 8:45 the wrestlers arrived. Giant lets GM John know that if this appearance doesn't bring a packed crowd to last night's event that he can crush him with his little toes.

The Hulkster was more subdued, perhaps eyeing the crowd to kill any man who made a comment about his hot model daughter.

Next remote duty will be much more fun, downtown at Memphis in May to cover the International BBQ Cooking Contest. *drool*


Semaj said...

I love the photos. I would went nuts if I saw hulk hogan in person! I grew up watching this guy!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Interesting thing is the wrestling event today or tomorrow. Memphis' own Jerry "The King" Lawler was scheduled to wrestle Hogan, but WWE (who Lawler works for) said no. They also put the Kabosh on one or two other guys scheduled. If the "Giant" is Paul Wight, than he's "The Big Show" allegedly 7'0 and 500lbs and left WWE late last year when his contract expired. He was brought in to wrestle Hogan. Also, from what I hear, Hogan carries so much clout still that when he does perform for WWE, he wins because he says so or he doesn't do the deal.

On a differing note, my attempt to call you yesterday was out of curiousity if the Atlanta police debacle had made the news across the region or the nation.

Karen said...

Interesting wresting tidbit for you...did you know that someone you graduated with at Raleigh Egypt was a Memphis wrestling manager? Said person was also roomates for a while with someone who still wrestles locally...Steven probably knows who since he works at TV thinking about it, you probably do to:-) If not, both are "myspace" friends and you could definitely figure it out there:-)

JorgeR said...

Hulksters' a nice guy..Bought me/my son a Starbucks a few weeks ago...I was on my way to my Sunday Baseball League/game, ran into Starbucks for a double-shot, & he was there...Down to earth guy...My 9 yrs old got a kick out of it..

Jeff said...

That's cool, Jorge. But I doubt he felt it necessary when you poured the coffee over his head and hit him in the back with the chair.