Sunday, April 22, 2007

Need I mention that the Sox have won two in a row from the dang Yanks?

Met Steve at Buffalo Wild Wings Saturday afternoon in the hopes of circumventing Fox Sports' arcane MLB rules, but alas, no Red Sox-dang Yanks game. Fox was allowing the St. Louis game in our area, and that was that.

Guess what? Next week: Same thing. We'll get the Cardinals and Cubs again. Red Sox-dang Yankees playing at the same time on Fox? Not so much. When will we ever be truly free? This Orwellian rule is why the world hates us.

Instead, we feasted on wings, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, nachos, ribs, popcorn shrimp, potato wedges, and then whatever we got as a meal a few minutes later. Surely we left tremendously greasy stains on our boxes as well. Steve played once, feeling that after coming from behind to beat me that he had achieved all he wanted to, and bowed out on top like "Seinfeld." Alone, I whipped the rest of the bar patrons myself the next two hours, even making the top five for the month on my final try.

Then work, which was a long night due to the NASCAR race starting at 7 p.m. central time, pushing our normal 9p newscast to 11p, meaning I didn't get home until after midnight. That would two-for-two with Fox Sports attempting to ruin my life. I have Rupert Murdoch's email address, and I WILL use it!

Speaking of Fox, I would be more impressed by the new Fox show "Drive" if what I know to be the lush green view from the Florida and Georgia highways didn't look exactly like the same two-mile stretch of California desert. Not a lot of money going to location shooting there.

I feel that I'm only watching since I'm at work anyway, which doesn't bode well for the rest of the season. Besides, now that we're in the market, Val and I are now addicted to house shows, especially those involving home buying and selling. All of which have me wondering why, after all these repairs and fixes, the sellers even want to sell anymore? You wanted to leave that crap, and now it's all better! Just once I'd like to hear the host say at the end, "Turns out, at the end our sellers laughed at us and said 'Thanks for our new home!' and we're currently in litigation."

On a gorgeous Friday afternoon we drove all around Bartlett doing some househunting. For a couple watching their finances, I'm finding that we're awfully picky about what we want (if you guessed "They want, nay, have to have a jacuzzi tub," then congrats, you know us well).

We're also judgmental of sellers. Here's a tip if you're selling your home: Keep a box full of fliers for potential buyers to take with them, because we're not writing down your address or information on the sign in front. You're dead to us. You might as well be putting a sign out front that says "Free to next walk-up," and we'd pass because we couldn't put our hands on a piece of paper. Just so you know.


Steven M. Russell said...

Had a good time hangin' with you yesterday. Next time, we'll have to bring our wives.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Not to be boasting but.....

I worked from 5:30am to about noon yesterday, went home to let the dog out and then to Winston's to play cards and lo and behold, here in Atlanta we had the Red Sox vs Dang Yankees game on! I imagine if Valfrey were here, Jeff coulda seen it too.....

As for the race, I was wiped out. I dozed off just after the first lap and wreck. I woke up around 10:15pm to put the dog in her kennel and go to bed myself. I did stop on the way to post the Dreams video by Van Halen as a tribute to the Blue Angels in the wake of their tragic loss. Have they released what number plane crashed? (the higher the number, the least experience on the team).

As for Drive, the previews were enough to entice me and Amy to start watching it and I was about to turn it off the FIRST time they showed what was allegedly I-95 between Miami and Jupitor and there were mountains at the exit. DUH! It continued as they moved towards Gainesville, Fl which at most has some rolling green hills as it's horse country. A stop on the side of the road in Tifton (south Georgia) reveled desert terrain. Yeah, I would expect more from the network that brought us 24. (and why are they playing season 7 already? Jack wasn't supposed to go in search of Audrey til next season).

Rann said...

I was fortunate enough to watch both games. I was late getting home Friday night and turned on the telly just in time to see A-Fraud's 3 run homer. But I just knew this was a new year and we would come back. And come back, we did!!! Let's Go, Red Sox!!!!

Saturday's game was just as exciting, in that the Red Sox won again. Now we need Dice-K to shut them down tonite for a big win!!!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

On an interesting side note, also in NY this weekend, the Braves are being hosted by the Mets and a Mets fan was arrested for interfering with the game after allegedly shining a high-powered flashlight at the Braves shortstop and pitcher. Gotta love New Yorkers.

Also, regarding my earlier post, I am glad that Jeff Gordon won the NASCAR race, and I came in 7th place in the poker tournament, so I got no prize except the pleasure of 3 hours of play. I even got a great hand where I boated Queens over Aces and won a pot of over 30000 chips because my opponent had a not-so-great flush.

Jeff said...

SWEEP! Go Sox! Yankees suck!

Michael, I noticed the mountains, too. Were they even trying?

Steven M. Russell said...

For the can re-live the moment over at my blog via video...

Go Sox!!!!

Rann said...

Now you need to mention in Huge LETTERS that the Red Sox swept the Yankees!

Also, I cannot remember the last time I was so pumped up as when the Red Sox hit four home runs in a row in the 3rd inning (Manny, J.D. Drew, Mike Lowell, Jason Varitek).

Oh, now I do! Sitting on the Green Monster last June!