Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Idol Gives Back

The more I watch this episode I'm agreeing with my wife's theory that no one's getting voted out on the VERY SPECIAL (SERIOUSLY, WE LOVE PEOPLE! LOOK, WE'RE IN AFRICA EVEN THOUGH WE'RE AMERICAN IDOL!) show tonight.

Wait, is that Celine and a digital Elvis? Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous. Why did Celine sign off on this?

Anyway, last night Val and I were in Jackson and the television sound was screwed up in mono so I don't really have much of an opinion on last night's show. Seems that no one really messed up, though. Melinda and Jordin are in a different class altogether, is what I gathered.

UPDATE 9:00 p.m. - So why were we in Jackson last night? To celebrate the one-year anniversary of our first date.
You may now either "Awww, that's romantic" or "Uggghh, what is with these people?" as is your first instinctive reaction.

Yep, our first date started at the bowling alley. What can I say? She knocked over my pins right away!

I bowled a lot better this time! That may be my best ever. I guess it helps when you're not entirely focused on trying to impress the woman you're courting!

Why can't I be this cute in those shoes?

For dinner on date one I took Val to her first Japanese hibachi steakhouse. Double bonus: She didn't like the veggies, so I got a second helping!

Saul's Mound, the largest of the Pinson Mounds south of the city, where we went on our second date, and had our first kiss. Ignoring that we were on hundreds of years of Indian history, possibly including burial sites. Here's hoping for no "Go to the light!" moments in our future.

Something we most certainly did NOT do last year on our first dates, but can definitely enjoy now, we had a whirlpool suite at the AmeriHost Inn. Although for the second time in a month, we couldn't figure out how to turn the jets on until it was time to go. Grrrr. Which means we basically enjoyed a really big bathtub.

And so begins year two of the continuing courtship!


Anonymous said...

no one can look good in those shoes. really. and i too thought that no one would get eliminated tonight, and called it while i "live blogged" the episode. by the by, xanga now allows for comments from non-xangans. woohoo!

glad you guys had fun celebrating your anniversary (or one of them, anyway)!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

We watched Idol Gives Back (you really need to read Boortz' take on "giving back" in Someone's Gotta Say It) and I thought of Valfrey reminiscing their concert night in Atlanta with Josh "Boy I wish I wasn't girly, maybe the Ryan Seacrest unshaven look will help with that" Groban as he performed.

I loved the Newscorp references, why not just come right out and say Rupert Murdoch is giving up a day's income so we can make mega-ad rates.

amy said...

I want to go to Jackson! Im a bit jealous..

But I am glad you had such a good time

Jeff said...

So, what, Erin, you sayin' my wife isn't adorable in those shoes? Hmmm??????????????

Michael, I can imagine that Boortz is apoplectic about the fact that Idol doesn't have to give anything "back," since they create a popular product and people can give what they want, when they want, without Celine Dion telling them to?

stacy said...

next year you should celebrate the 2 year anniversary of your first date by duplicating that trip. start with visiting us for thunder!! :)

Jeff said...

Heh. Good point, Stacy, but this time can I bring Val?