Sunday, April 01, 2007

And then there were two

So now it's between me and Steve for bracket supremacy. Florida's win, coupled with Ohio State's, knocked off my wife, father and Kevin H. from having a shot at the title. If the Gators treat the Buckeyes like their football brethren did, I win my own contest. Should Ohio State win, el Stevo takes the checkered flag.

Current standings heading into Monday:

1. Me - 119
2. Dad - 111
3. Jorge - 106
4. Syd - 104
5. Val's Mom - 99
6. Michael C. - 96
t7. Erin - 93
t7. Kevin H. - 93
9. Val - 91
10. Steve - 90
11. Southern Girl - 87
12. Cody - 83
13. Karen - 75
14. Scott - 64
15. Jenn R. - 50
16. Amy C. - 28

Oh, and I'd also like to recognize my mother-in-law and father, who share the lead in number of games picked correctly with 47 currently. If Florida wins, Dad wins that side competition.

In more personal news, today was a big day at WHBQ for yours truly, since I switched a whole hour show by myself at 5, and directed a whole hour newscast for the first time at 9. At 5 it was a little rocky since the top story package wasn't done in time so there was a heck of a lot of juggling, but for my part I did pretty well, and there were no problems at 9.

Another thing I'll have to get used to, locally everyone lives and dies one hour at a time, whereas at CNN there's another show to get ready for in just another half-hour or hour, so there's no time to dwell on mistakes. Here, producers have only one, and technical only two chances a day to hit a home run. The producers, anchors and TD were fretting about what happened, and I'm standing there thinking, "Yep, that's live news. Happens. La di da. Am I supposed to be more upset?" Then again, perhaps I'm just more laid back overall. My only concern is that they get my sense of humor and goofyness, or I might feel like I'm a comedian on stage in the coma wing of the hospital twice a day five times a week!

We didn't get our DirecTV Friday afternoon; they told us that "we" called and canceled the order eight minutes after placing it last week. Note that to get this explanation it took two days, literally hours on hold and two supervisors to give a satisfactory answer as to why they weren't showing up and why they weren't calling to explain as much. And then, today Val's parents got the bill, and surprise, surprise, BOTH orders were on it. Really, we were shocked! (/sarcasm)

So next Friday we should have our DirecTV and Wild Blue satellite Internet installed. Hmph. We'll see. Not that we'll have a Falling Down situation, but we'll definitely have a U.N. situation complete with sternly written letters of disappointment for anything that goes wrong. That's right! I'm dangerous!


Rann said...

Just out of curiosity, what specifically were the others (producers, anchors, TD) fretting about re the 5pm broadcast?

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

The scene opens in a dimly lit room, panning across a workstation where a computer is turned on. By the phone is a handwritten list of telephone numbers with the first legible one reading "Direct TV Customer Service."

As the camera moves to the computer monitor, a document is visible, it's a checklist. The title reads "Valfrey re-relocation plan." Item number one is "affirm fear of unsafe areas to live near Memphis." Item number two is "Isolate them from broadband, satellite, DSL, communications, and prevent installation of any cell towers in the western Tennessee cotton fields."

An evil snicker is heard coming from a couch in the back of the room. A clock appears, ticking off the seconds with a beeping sound....08:59:55, 08:59:56, 08:59:57, 08:59:58, 08:59:59, 09:00:00.

Scott said...

Excellent. Can't wait for the next installment of "24". hehehe.

Maybe in the next hour Jeff loses cell phone capability. And we all know that in the "24" universe, no one can survive without a cell phone. Those things even works after a nuclear detonation!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

that or he gets stalked by a cougar! :)

(it could happen!)

Jeff said...

Dad, they were upset about the package not being done on time so the biggest story of the month wasn't the lead, and that led to a lot of fumbling around for the anchors and reporters trying to figure out what to read next and for us as to what video/anchor/effect to go to next. On air it didn't look too bad, but internally a lot messed up.

Scott, did I mention that our Cingular signal is pretty weak around here?

Michael, hmmm, should I start looking around the room for hidden cameras? And cougars?