Saturday, March 24, 2007

UCLA makes a difference

With her pick of UCLA making the final four, my wife is back into the lead tonight! Of course, unless the Bruins win the whole thing (or Oregon), she can’t win the whole thing. Then again, that can be said of many in the group. Heck, if my picks make it from here on out, even lowly me can still win!

Here are the scenarios:

If Georgetown wins the whole thing, Kevin wins, or if Oregon wins and Georgetown wins tomorrow.
If North Carolina wins, this is Syd’s title.
If Ohio State wins, Steve’s our champ.
If Florida wins, but Georgetown doesn’t beat North Carolina tomorrow, then my Dad will win. But if Florida beats Ohio State and Georgetown wins tomorrow, then I win.
UCLA wins it all, so does Val. If Oregon wins it all and North Carolina wins tomorrow, then Val wins.

1. Valhow – 91
2. Rann/Dad – 87
3. Kevin H. – 85
4. Val’s Mom – 83
5. Jorge – 82
6. Syd – 80
7. Southern Girl – 79
8. Cody – 75
9. Steve – 74
10. Michael C. – 72
11. Me – 71
12. Erin – 69
13. Scott – 56
14. Karen – 51
15. Jenn R. – 50
16. Amy C. – 28

Alas, this is the end for our Tigers, as Ohio State pulled away in the last ten minutes after a gift basket during an intentional foul (seriously, Oden was mugged on the ground and hadn't even considered shooting yet, not that I'm bitter. At all.)

But Memphis made it further than many predicted, and the team looks to be stronger next season. Your 2008 champions!


Scott said...

As far as the Memphis-Ohio St. game is concerned, I am convinced that OSU was the better team.

That having been said...

It really seemed to me that Memphis never got the benefit of the doubt on close calls, while OSU always got the benefit of the doubt. I saw some ticky-tack fouls called on the Tigers, while the Buckeyes only seemed to get fouls called when it was obvious.

This could just be me, but that was my impression.

Anonymous said...

I was doing so well, and then things just fell apart. Stupid Memphis loss. And stupid Kansas lost. It's pretty much over for me now. Sadness.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Sadness? For true sadness, read Valtool's Box today. :(