Sunday, March 18, 2007

Moving out

Almost done. I'm at work, finishing up my final night before we drive out in about, oh, nine hours.

How do I feel? I am intensely relaxed. Calm, at peace, ready to go.

Of course, some of that could be that we worked so much that I can't get worked up about anything.

Me, Val's dad and Val started packing up the truck before 11 this morning, and the final process of leaving Atlanta began.

With a 22-foot truck, we figured we had TONS of room, so when we started we didn't worry about piling the boxes and furniture to the roof. By hour three, we didn't care what went to storage or what went to the house, we just wanted to fill every space possible. The pile ended up extending to about three feet from the door, with our mattresses and a few things left to add in the morning.

We finished about 3:45 and trudged to The Border, our favorite Mexican place, for the last time, watching the NCAA tournament, as we kept an eye on things all afternoon. They had a lot invested in the Vols winning. I did not. And the CBS affiliate wasn't showing the Memphis game, and even at work I couldn't get it on satellite until near the end. Whatever. Guess if one wants to see Cal's kids play you have to live in Memphis. Check.

Early Monday morning we start our three-car caravan, and hopefully we'll be unloading the truck by mid-afternoon, storage a little while later, and in time to eat dinner with Val's mom and watch Dancing with the Stars, officially Memphis residents again. (Or, at least, Millington. Close enough.)


Eric C said...

Let me be one of the firsts to re-welcome you to Memphis, home of 20-minute commutes to almost anywhere. And no annoying state-income tax.

BTW, when you call to get your utilities set up, ask for Joseph Lee and tell him you wanna be on "the list."

Karen said...

ROFL, "the list"!

I know you are probably on the road by now, and this is a little late. But, we thought the same thing about loading/unloading the truck ourselves, but we ended up needing 2 26' trucks for all of our junk (we are having a MAJOR yardsale in June with the rest of our new neighborhood). That is why we got movers ot load/inload the second truck. The first one nearly killed us. J Cooper can help on short notice if you are too worn out after driving, just FYI:-) No begging required although I was willing to do anything to have someone else move that stuff! Plus it only took 1 hour for them, compared to 5 hours for the 2 of us (with 2 kids running around). They do have a 2 hour min, but it was worth every penny of that additional hour!!! Hope all goes well for you:-)

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

wimper, .......sob, .......whaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Scott said...

Hope you guys have arrived safely in the Bluff City.

amy said...

Please see my dedication to Jeff and Val (Valfrey) over at my blog

Valerie said...

bWe arrived safely in Millington around 3:45 this afternoon. We finished unloading everything to storage and to my parents' house around 7:30. After enjoying dinner at my parents' favorite mexican restaurant, Jeff is busy setting up the bed. He wanted me to let everyone know we made it safely. I'm sure you'll hear from him tomorrow.

stacy said...

Thanks for popping in to let us know! :)

Steven M. Russell said...

One of these days....when I am finished with my Southern tour of the United States, we can hook up and have dinner together.

Welcome home, buddy.

Call me!

Jeff said...

Eric, I'm used to a 20-minute commute in Atlanta, and it will be even longer from Millington to midtown!

Karen, next time we will not do ANYTHING on our own. Oy, what a pain!