Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Moving a little at a time

Almost done here at CNN. Tonight's the big night, my last weekday when I'll work with the most folks for the final time. Sunday night is actually my last night, but only a few co-workers will be around.

It's like how Bob Barker is having a blowout during May sweeps though his final "Price is Right" is sometime in June. Well, except that I wasn't here for 35 years, don't have a nationwide following and people don't make shirts to come watch me work. Other than that, exactly the same.

This week has been a tag-team effort of packing efficiency for me and Val. After we have lunch together and I get home, I turn on Spike TV to watch "Star Trek: The Next Generation" from 2-4 and "Voyager" at 5, with all three channels turned on as I cook dinner, make my wake around the apartment packing, carrying, cleaning and organizing.

Well, more like whipping up a Tuna Helper, stuff as much into a tiny box as possible, kicking boxes along the floor, tossing trash into cans already full and leaving boxes, clothes and random stuff scattered about in the hopes that it will magically jump into boxes. But we're getting along. The sunroom is half-packed with all kinds of boxes, and I've set times to cancel all utilities and change our address for each of our 24 maxed-out credit cards.

At night, Val has been packing up the kitchen and the master bedroom while I'm at work, at least until I call and she can take a break to watch "24" or "American Idol" together.

At least tomorrow I can watch the NCAA Tournament and groan about my picks as I pack, and since I don't have to go to work Val and I can work together figuring out how to finish up. Or eat out, bake cookies and crash on the couch. I'm betting on the latter, since tomorrow is her last day at work, and we're planning on staying up past midnight to watch "Playmania" on GSN for the first time together in a while. Good times.

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stacy said...

I hope you can enjoy moving & packing as much as possible since you'll both be between jobs :) I'm excited for you!