Thursday, March 29, 2007

Catching up with the world

Slowly but surely, we're reconnecting with the world our here at the edges of Shelby County. Flailing in the darkness no more, tomorrow, the DirecTV guys come to connect our room, complete with a DVR box, something we couldn't get in five months with Charter in the middle of doggone Atlanta. Now, instead of flipping through the late night shows with a mere seven channels, we'll aimless flip through 150 channels with nothing on at midnight. Finally!

Tonight, I signed us up with Wild Blue for satellite Internet access since we can't get DSL or cable high-speed. We looked at a bigger company like EarthLink first, but it would cost way, way too much to install the dish and get the equipment. Wild Blue was half as much, in fact, which made more sense since we could end up moving to a house in six months and we'd be able to get cable high-speed again and they only charge $50 to get out of the contract. And considering I can't get on the Internet at all at work, I need something super duper fast at home to catch up! (Psst, nothing says I can't print out my favorite sites and then read them on the john at work. Shhhh .... hey, wait, don't leave!)

Speaking of high-speed, I would like to apologize to all of my family and esteemed blogroll friends for not visiting your sites as much lately and not commenting. As it is, I'm lucky enough to be able to log in to Blogger and post this piffle.

Also slowly but surely, we're officially becoming Tennesseans and Memphians again. Yesterday on my only day off this week we managed to get our tags, though when we drove up to Covington to get our licenses we were told they needed about ten forms of identification, signatures written in pig's blood and a grilled stuffed burrito meal deal from Taco Bell. I think the lady was making up the last one.

I also found out thirty seconds ago that the State Farm lady decided that both of our cars were Val's, since my name is nowhere on the paperwork. Splendid. One more call to fix someone else's mistake. Love those. (/sarcasm)

At least I was able to get a haircut in the meantime. Shorter than I expected, however. The lady had just come in from a smoke break, and spent the entire time talking to three co-workers who sat in their empty chairs since Val and I were the only two patrons in the building, and my wife was reading Entertainment Weekly. I think my "stylist" forgot I was in the chair and just kept tossing my head to the side and clipping and razoring without thinking out of habit, and suddenly remembered there was a guy who'd been in her chair for twenty minutes. Oh well, at least I have my summer cut now that winter went straight to summer and it's 87 stinking degrees all the time in MARCH.

Hey, did I mention that the main weather guy at my new work home, WHBQ, Joey Sulipeck, a.k.a., "the funny guy who wears a bow tie," graduated eight years ahead of me at Raleigh-Egypt High (class of '93 in the house!). So I've got that going for me.

Who else is up for some Blades of Glory tomorrow night? Awesome!


misawa said...

Jeff, if it makes you feel any better, for the last three years the our tax-guy-accountant-person and the IRS have been under the impression that I sell Mary Kay.

Karen said...

When we first got married and Nick was stationed in Florida, I went to change my ID for the first time, had all the right paperwork, etc. only to find out that I had a drunk driving flag on my ID from TN from 1992, 4 years earlier when I was 17 and still in high school. I recalled working at Sears at Raleigh Springs mall and being hit by a drunk driver on the way to work. Lo and behold Memphis' finest put me down as the drunk driver while arresting the man for said repeated offense and towing his truck away as his license was actually revoked. It took me an ENTIRE year to get that straightend out, with the aid of a military lawyer which I needed so I could get my military ID with this "crime" on my record. That was fun:-) TN got stricter about the paperwork requirements after the whole special ID for illegal immigrants scandal.

Congrats on the satellite, and it sounds like you got a haircut from Supercuts perhaps? Hope y'all are settling in well!

Eric C said...

Hadn't really thought much about your lack of comments on the blog. Nobody else does, either.

I met Joey a couple of months ago...He came into Kroger kinda late, I'm guessing on his way home after the news. Sans bowtie, which kinda threw me off. He said it made him look a bit incognito. : ) Super nice guy. We chatted about Steve Dawson (who used to frequent Kroger Trinity Commons) and Mearl Purvis (who I used to work with at Promus aka Hilton).

Anyhow...Congrats on the internet..I've always wondered about that satellite stuff. I'm still scratching my head over the work thing, though.

Jeff said...

Karen, no problems like that, so we've got that going for us!

At least, I don't think I have any outstanding warrants waiting for me here in Tennessee.

Jeff said...

Eric, I can safely say that all are super nice, and are always asking about the crew and myself and making sure everything goes smoothly.