Tuesday, March 13, 2007

24 should really be just 12

With Heroes gone for well over a month, unfortunately for 24 that puts the onus on Jack and crew to deliver.

Tonight, yeah, for the most part and the first time in over a month they finally put something worth watching on air. Martha may be insane, but she's darn entertaining, and seeing her with Aaron made my heart happy. Even if he was just bringing her magazines from the store.

So what magazines do you think she reads in the crazy farm? I like to think she's an US Weekly kind of gal. Politics can be such a bore. Other options? Any bridal magazine. If there's anything I've learned being married five months, just because you've had your ceremony doesn't mean you don't want to have one every weekend for the next, say, fifty years.

Do you think Martha's a Cosmo, Elle or Mademoiselle reader? In college, me, Steve and Patrick would read Jenny's Mademoiselles that she left in our apartment, you know, to see what the other side was saying. They had the best Q&As, which Martha would appreciate. You know, like, "My husband betrayed the U.S. and made my marriage miserable. Can I legally stab him if I'm batsh*t crazy?"

Really, though, how many presidents have died or have survived assassination attempts? Every single one? Can you imagine if both Bushes, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford AND Nixon all went down? Within ten years?

And are we really going to be subjected to yet another CTU mole next week? Is there anything new this season that we haven't seen five times before?

Still, Hereoes is off, and 24 is the only thing on for another six weeks.

In the meantime, check out Jack Bauer's body count. I love the Internet.

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