Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

The hip pick seems to be the Bears, even though the Colts are favored and are in the much more competitive AFC.

Let's just say that I was hip before being hip was cool. Before the final whistle of the conference championships I was going with Chicago, and since it's customary for Super Bowls to end up in routs rather than close games most of the time, I say the Bears win 34-17.

That's not to say that I'm rooting against Indy. I would rather see Peyton get his title, but the Bears defense is so good they will stop him and fluster him and end this by the fourth quarter.

UPDATE 6:30 p.m. - Ye gads. Hester looked like he was Legolas walking on snow on top of the mountain and the Colts were hobbits trapped in the snow on that opening run back for a TD. And that's the only Lord of the Rings reference you'll ever see in Super Bowl coverage.

UPDATE 6:37 p.m. - Ouch. I really hoped I wouldn't be right, but so far the Colts really need to wake up. It's like Peyton was throwing up a balloon for grabs with that interception.

UPDATE 6:50 p.m. - Wow. Indy gets a gift TD, then the Bears cough it up on the kickoff return. If you'd told me that the first fumble by a Chicago player wasn't Rex Grossman, I wouldn't have believed it. .... Oops, Bears ball again. Peyton's handoff to Addai went very poorly. And Thomas Jones just jogged to the Colts five-yard-line. Wish he'd done that when it counted for my fantasy team. I'm not bitter. At all.

UPDATE 8:50 p.m. - Ick. Ugly game. The Bears have been nonexistent the last hour, blowing chances at capitalizing on turnovers, and the Colts are moving at will downfield. All week, the Sports Guy on has vehemently demanded that the Super Bowl play in only three cities: Miami, San Diego and New Orleans, all the while ripping the league for other less-party spots. Do you think he's a little drenched right now, wishing the game was played in a dome this year?

UPDATE 9:15 p.m. - Phil Simms keeps talking about tired the Bears defense must be, and now he said it about Peyton, too. Um, what? IT'S THE SUPER BOWL, THERE'S NO TIME TO BE TIRED. There's no such thing as tired. This is IT. I refuse to believe that players are slacking off due to being "tired."

UPDATE 9:18 p.m. - When my co-worker Shaun said that it doesn't look like my prediction was going to come true, I said that my flimsy excuse will be the weather, and I'm sticking to it. He proceeded to sing "Blame It On The Rain." This is also the only Milli Vanilli reference you'll see in any Super Bowl write-up.

UPDATE 9:21 p.m. - See, what I meant was, like, see, the Colts defense would be the one to score a touchdown, and Indy would win, about 34-17 or so. Yeah, that's the ticket.

UPDATE 9:34 p.m. - I hope I'm not jinxing the Colts, since there are still nine minutes to go and they're up 29-17, but congrats. I'm very happy to be wrong. And if they end up losing, whoops. My bad.

UPDATE 10:19 p.m. - The Colts won, one of the black head coaches won so we don't have to hear about the racial aspect of the game ever again, Peyton was named MVP and we don't have to ever hear about how he "can't win the big game" again. I think we're all winners here.

UPDATE 10:28 p.m. - "Criminal Minds" started with a guy murdering people after a Super Bowl XLI party. I'm guessing this will make a few people just now leaving their own real parties look around closely when walking to their cars, "Jaws"-like. The first prime suspect? Lovie Smith.

UPDATE 10:35 p.m. - Holy crap, the killer is Dawson! Does Joey know about this?

UPDATE 10:42 p.m. - This afternoon Val and I watched Puppy Bowl III on Animal Planet. She'd never heard of it. I watched it last year, too. I swear I'm still a man. I have proof and everything.

UPDATE 10:44 p.m. - By the way, I'm now at work, not watching the game with my wife. That now makes the Super Bowl, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, all big days I haven't been able to spend with my wife due to work. We'll also surely miss watching the Oscars together. If anyone knows any decent jobs in Memphis right now that would allow me to not miss the entire first year with my darling Valerie, let me know. (I say Memphis since if I'm not at CNN, what's the point in being so far away from everyone?)

UPDATE Monday 1:54 p.m. - I should also mention that we won't be spending Valentine's Day together, either. URGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Steven M. Russell said...

Football season is over.

Next up....March Madness....

And then...



Cyndi said...

YaY Colts! and I'm ready for baseball, can't we skip march madness??

Jeff said...

No, it's more like this:

Pitchers and Catchers report
Jeff's worried about the Red Sox
March Madness
Baseball season begins!
Jeff gives up on the Red Sox
The Masters
Jeff proclaims the Red Sox 2007 Champions
Indy 500

amy said...

1) puppy bowl rocks and the water camera was the best..Totally enjoyed
2) i do not want to hear about jobs in memphis as we have not had you guys in Atlanta long enough. We are aware you will be not here long, but we like are trivia buddies
3) yeah for the Colts!
I think thats all

Rann said...

Hey, Steve, speaking of March madness, what was the final outcome of the UNC-NCState game Saturday????????????

Hey, Jeff, I was right and you were wrong!!! Colts win, Colts win!!! :)

Since when did you care about the Indy 500?

Have you bought the tickets for Braves-Red Sox yet? June 18-20, 3 games in luxury boxes!!!!

Scott said...

Not looking for jobs in Dallas? What's wrong, the Cowboys aren't enough of an attraction?

And you are giving up on the Red Sox before the Masters? I think the Sox will have played .0001% of their schedule by that point!

Jeff said...

Dad, the Indy 500 is the only major sporting event I could think of in May!

And no, tickets aren't on sale yet, I don't think. At least, we haven't gotten our vouchers yet.

Scott said...

Kentucky Derby
The Memorial
NHL Stanley Cup Finals

Jeff said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, show off.