Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Random Thoughts

- I wanted to flip away from the station. I mean, XM has some 150 music channels, right? So why couldn't I turn off of channel 23, The Heart? Oh, right, because Spandau Ballet's "True" was on, and what else could be better at that moment, 70 degrees and sunny with the windows down?

- Apartment dwellers of ginormous complexes like mine tend to get creative and earnest about taking out the trash, which is often too far away to comfortably walk while carrying a heavy sack that could bust at any moment. And no one wants to put a smelly sack in their car, so most end up balancing one or two or three on the back of their cars (a spoiler helps), carry them outside the window, or what I do is open the back hatch of my gas-guzzling SUV and put the trash in the rear, figuring that the fresh air will keep the smell from lingering. Seems to work, although on rainy or cold days it's not the best method.

- Congrats to Val's cousin Destiny and her hubby, the tastefully named Jeff, on the birth of their firstborn, Bailey Dawn, last night! She's actually going home late tonight. Not sure if I'm going to be comfortable with that when our twins are born. (We're assuming twins. Not that there's any news to report.) I think Val and I will want to hang out for a few days or a week or a month with as many nurses and doctors around as possible! Of course, maybe it won't matter, since we're already planning on her mom staying with us for the first week and my mom the second week. I hope that's okay, Moms? Dads, sisters, brothers, in-laws, cousins, aunts and uncles, random friends and strangers, y'all are welcome to keep coming the following weeks! We'll be in Jamaica.


amy said...

What a sweet name! COngrats on the new baby in the family..They are always nice. I hear you guys are still in Atlanta which is cool. We shall find time soon to do trivia, see movie, play scene it or just have dinner or something..maybe lunch somewhere after church one day?

stacy said...

Yay congratulations! Oh I bet Valerie is dying to go see that baby :) Hey Nate was born at 2:48 PM 12/13 & we left the hospital at 6 PM 2/14. :) Now with Gabriel we were there 3 days & cried when they made us leave lol

Jeff said...

Yep, Amy, we're still here, for now. Not for long, though, if things go well, is all I'll say on here.

Yeah, I'm betting on us being the criers.