Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Update 7

Documentary (Short Subject) is won by "The Blood of Yingzhou District." Wow, combine a cute kid, exotic location and AIDS and you've got a winner!

(I know, I'm so desensitized and cynical.)

Reason for not being cynical? Picking this one right! Kudos to myself, Michael, Sydney, and Scott.

Nice addition of Seinfeld. Unfortunately, he's going to ride the Anti-Bush train by awarding Al Gore's exercise in self-absorption for Best Documentary. The convenient truth? Nearly all of us knew Hollywood would do it. Everyone but Amy J. and Amy C. Not a good category to be named Amy.

Thankfully, Clint Eastwood follows, and you know everyone has already forgotten that guy, the ex-vice president, what's his name. He presents a special award to Ennio Morricone, who deserves it if only for his theme to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

While they play all his music, let's review the scorecard, and note the nice comebacks by Jeremy and Michael:

Dad - 10
Stephanie - 10
Jeremy - 10
Me - 9
Sydney - 9
Scott - 9
Val - 8
Mom - 8
Stacy - 8
Michael C. - 8
Karen - 6
Cyndi - 6
Carol Howell - 5
Jennifer M. - 5
Aunt Lynn - 5
Amy J. - 4
Kimberly - 4
Amy C. - 3

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Scott said...

Jeff...where are you updating from? Chapel Hill? Home? Work?