Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Jeff's Briefs

- Can we put a quick end to this growing trend of memoralizing dead friends and family on the back windshield of your car? No offense, but it is capital T, tacky.

- The Dalai Lama has been named a presidential distinguished professor at Emory University here in Atlanta. Not to be outdone, Georgia State University brought in actual llamas.

- About 985,000 Easy-Bake Ovens sold since last May have been recalled because children can get their hands or fingers caught in the oven's opening, which poses an entrapment or burn hazard. And yet, My First Mini-Grenade Launcher remains on the market.

- On the level of annual things I avoid in the newspaper, No. 3 would be the two weeks of Kwanzaa strips in the Curtis comic. No. 2, the inevitable budget released by a Republican president followed by the immediate liberal/media reaction that the GOP is trying to starve children and kill the old. No. 1, by a large margin, is "signing day." Like anyone knows how a high school star who exploited players half his size in AA will perform on the big stage in an SEC stadium.

- A commercial for Snickers candy bars launched in the Super Bowl broadcast was benched after its maker got complaints that it was homophobic. Can we pull that ad, too? I'm suckyadaphobic.


amy said...

So true about whats on the back of the car..There is one in particular that bothers me to no end .If someone would just explain to me why they place them on there? Is it to let me they were a fan of a celebrity? I would have much rather read it while the celebrity was alive!!!

This is the 3rd blog I have read about the easy bake oven! One bloggers daughter got her hand caught back in Christmas! thats scary!

When are we going to see you guys again?

Scott said...

speaking of recruiting, read this story.

Jeff said...

Scott, that was an interesting story. Maybe Bobby didn't give the kid a big enough spending account at Foot Locker.

Amy, hopefully sooner than later. We're still working out our schedules and figuring out when we can see each other, too!

Rann said...

In my will, I have allocated funds to have bumper stickers made up for each of you that reads:
My dear old dad passed away, spent all my inheritance on wine, women, and song, and all I got was this bumper sticker!

Rann said...

You need to send the Dalai Lama one to AJC as one of your vents!

Jeff said...

Good call, Dad! I just did so!

Jeff said...

And at least your sticker would be funny. But if you leave an actual inheritance, I'll put one of those tacky suckers up there for a year!