Sunday, February 25, 2007

Final 2006 Oscar tally

Who picked The Departed for Best Picture: Me, Val's mom, Michael, Kimberly, Jennifer M. and Aunt Lynn.

Congrats to my father, Rann, winner of Jeff's 3rd Annual Oscars Contest! Who does he join? My brother and brother-in-law, Scott and Joe, respectively, took home the initial prize in 2004, Scott's friend in Nashville, Jeremy, was our 2005 champ, and I won last year, though since I can't rightly claim victory in my own contest, lil' sis Stephanie officially "won."

As for the low score this year? Sorry to say it's my cousin Amy. She joins her sister Karla, last year's low scorer, and brother-in-law, Bill, as our first low man in '04. Last year, Steve and my sis-in-law, Jenn, shared the "honor," which destroyed them both they didn't enter this time. But good news, as every year, Amy receives a prize as well as Dad! Congrats!

UPDATED 7:09 p.m. to add Scorsese winners

Final scores:

Dad - 16
Jeremy - 14
Me - 14
Michael C. - 14
Sydney - 14
Mom - 14
Stephanie - 13
Val - 12
Scott - 12
Stacy - 12
Aunt Lynn - 12
Carol Howell - 11
Jennifer M. - 9
Cyndi - 8
Kimberly - 8
Karen - 7
Amy C. - 6
Amy J. - 4


Scott said...

Jeff, you need to eliminate this nonsense about you not being able to win your own contest. That's just ridiculous.

Nord said...

I would like a recount. I believe my total is 14 (still one short of the i mean title). Good game (after all I beat Scott once again). Enjoyed your commentary. We should do a chat room next year.

Jorge R said...

So, I read this morning Al Gore won for best documentary....Man, I didn't see that coming...

Scott said...

I am disappointed that I could not at least beat Jeremy. What's up with that???

Jeff said...

Scott, I can't give myself a prize! More fun to give it to someone else.

And yes, the scores were incorrect, and now updated. Forgot to add the Scorsese points.

stacy said...

Is Amy getting a Razzie winning movie? One year we had the winner send a Razzie movie to the loser. The year Joe won you got him a blockbuster gift card & Bill was in last place so we bought him a Razzie winner - Battlefield Earth. We were going to get him From Justin to Kelly but we do like the guy!

Jeff said...

I'm just getting her a gift card. I'm too nice to buy a DVD of the Razzie winner this year, "Basic Instinct 2!"