Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Top 5 Shows We Watch Together

Val started her new job this morning. I insisted on driving her there, and I'll pick her up afterwards and meet her for lunch, so we can spend time together since I have to work tonight. It was strange, almost like the first day of school. Complete with near tears. By me.

One of the things that stinks is all the shows that we'll have trouble watching together anymore, either because she has to go to bed early or I have to work the evening shift.

Here are the top five shows I watched with my lovely wife during our first three months in wedded bliss:

1. The Price is Right - By now I feel like Val and I could write a book, "The Price is Right for Dummies," and sell it to every person in line who might be called to "come on down!" For example, if you're the fourth and last guesser to get on stage from contestants row, and the highest bid is $800 and you're sure it's higher, don't say $900, say $801. Seems simple, but you'd be surprised how much we're yelling at the contestants. Also, when you design your shirt specifically for the show, leave room on your upper torso for the name tag. Every morning at 11 a.m. we would wake up (Val adopted my late night schedule where we'd go to bed at 2) and let Bob get us started on our day with a smile. We'll miss him dearly when he retires at the end of the year, though based on the number of mistakes he's made the last few months, I guess it's time.

2. 24 and Heroes - Unfortunately they're competing against each other, which is pure evil. 24 is still the first choice, since it's six seasons in and we have a commitment to Jack. Heroes, though, is darn good and compelling, and unlike so many of these mysteries, feels as if we're making progress every week and getting answers. A year ago I would have included Lost, but last fall we found ourselves rolling our eyes a LOT.

3. Playmania - Comes on at midnight on the Game Show Network, a two-hour live show where the audience calls in to win money based on word puzzles and such. Of course, it's really all a scam, but we like guessing the answers together. And by scam, I mean that they pretend that no one is in the "player's lounge" for several minutes at a time, when in reality thousands have called the 1-900 number and text messaged for $1 each, but they randomly pick people. When Mel, Jessica or Shandi is begging you to enter and raise the money in the prize, know that there are people already in line ahead of you and your chances of getting through are miniscule. But like I said, if you watch as if it's a regular game show, it's fun.

4. Deal or No Deal - As you can tell, we like our game shows. One of the best audience participation shows, it's easy to make decisions for contestants that are worth tens of thousands of dollars on Deal. As they get more and more annoying every week, we find ourselves rooting against them, which is kind of funny and more than a little sad. Hey NBC, we like to see people get excited, just not bounce around as if their feet are on fire, over playing the dramatics.

5. Scrubs - The repeats on WGN at 11:30 p.m. are good for winding down a long day with a laugh. It's goofy, like us!


Scott said...

I look forward to the day when Battlestar Galactica is added to this list. ;)

Jeff said...

Wellllll .... she watches it with me, but I doubt it could ever be a "favorite" for us as a couple. Not enough talking back to the TV, except to say far too much recently, "Get on with it! Stop moping about your frakin' marriages!"

Semaj said...

I need to get into Heroes, just dont have the time. I just got caught up on 24's 5th season on DVD.

stacy said...

I love the interactive tv too :) Our favorites are Deal or no Deal, America's Funniest Videos, American Idol. I like Grease but I wish they would pair up & sing songs from Grease! That would be awesome.

Jeff said...

We enjoy Funniest Home Videos, too, especially the ones with cute wittle animals.