Wednesday, March 07, 2007

100 Things About Me, 91-100

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91. I loved my blankie as a kid. I'm told when I started school I even took the last piece of it in my backpack. I'm not ashamed of this. I have a memory of my big mean older brother, Scott, tormenting me by trying to take it from me. Hey Scott, pffttt!!!!

92. I've never had a broken leg, or any broken bones (knock on wood).

93. I was a normal height growing up, even on the first row of first grade class photo. But then, about age 14, grew 10 inches in one year en route to my 6'4" frame. I LOVE being tall. There are many, many advantages. I can't think of any disadvantages other than hitting my head on stuff all the time, and no room in coach.

94. I use the "thumbs up" gesture. I also point, double point, and use phrases like "darn tootin'" and "daggumit." I'm a geek.

95. When I worked as a board operator at WZDQ 102.3 FM during college days in Jackson, the station aired Union basketball games. I would be the guy in charge of loading commercials and letting the announcers know when they were up. One time I had to go the bathroom something fierce, and unfortunately heard the announcers toss to break. I was not able to get to the board. Thankfully they didn't say anything naughty, and didn't notice that they were on air the entire two minutes. I just said "go" and hoped people thought it was a technical malfunction!

96. Another time, the Bulldogs were playing downtown at Oman Arena instead of at home, and the announcers' line was crossed with a local family's phone. We couldn't do anything other than go off air and run commercials until the announcer could convince the mother to keep her kids off the phone and, oh yeah, ask them to stop cursing on the phone. Young kids. She agreed, and only once did we have to go off air when the kids got back on the phone.

97. I recently developed a taste for refrigerating my candy. It's so much more potent when cold, especially mini Reese's peanut butter cups!

98. I attended a "Late Show with David Letterman" taping with my dad last summer (June 14, to be exact) during our whirlwind D.C.-N.Y./Engagement-Boston trip. Dave was actually funnier during the ten minutes before the taping started while talking with the audience than during his monologue, yet we laughed because it's a fun atmosphere and you're just supposed to laugh over-enthusiastically than usual. On our show was Stephen Colbert, Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban and some musical act I've never heard of, and I was upset that we didn't get a Top Ten list! During the show, Miss Ohio walked back and forth randomly, once pulling a goat. You read that correctly. I was admonished in front of everyone in the packed lobby before the show for daring to take a picture of the pep squad. You'd have thought I just peed on the official Late Show carpet.

99. In college I bounced a check for less than five dollars, and by the time I called Mom to bail me out it cost me $70. I failed to learn my lesson.

100. I'm not stopping at 100. Expect more.

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Cyndi said...

love these.
and I expect it would be more fun being tall..short stinks.and i hope you dont fall tomm. and break both of your legs or kid has a silky, and he did not take it to kindergarten but he still sleeps with it at home,(and a billion stuffed animals)and i had a ganket, that when i was a baby got left in the Merton Ave,nursery and my mom had to get someone to go unlock the door for her to get it.